Best fleshjack review of Flesh light

The fleshjack is the number one selling sex toy for men the discrete durable plastic case is designed to look like an ordinary fleshlight but the secret is inside.

Underneath the top cap the patented life like super skin material simulates intercourse and feels as good as the real thing fleshjack.

The rear cap of the fleshjack case can be loosened or tightened to regulate air flow during use allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of tightness and suction fleshjack.

To use the fleshjack simply open the top cap and remove the flesh jack sleeve from its case then soak the sleeve in warm water.

Your flesh jack sleeve is designed to retain heat to maximize the lifelike experience after a few minutes the sleeve will be warm and ready.

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To usefleshjack place the sleeve back in the case and apply a generous portion of water-based lubricant to your fleshjack and yourself use your fleshjack until climax.

Cleaning your fleshjack is very simple:

  1. first remove the fleshjack sleeve from the case
  2. run water through it then wash out the case and both of the caps
  3. once clean store the flesh jack sleeve in case in a well ventilated area to completely dry
  4. following these simple care instructions will ensure that your fleshjack will last you a lifetime


Honest fleshjeck review

What is up everybody Jake here today and I’ve been requested to make a review about my fleshjack for you guys

so let me open up fleshjack a brand new one for you guys show it to you so you can take a look what it’s like so when you do purchase one of these it’s fully discrete from fleshjack you get a little how to clean guys less Lube for you guys with your extra large penises

if you know nothing to get that fleshjack going. let’s let’s keep open up until we do get my butthole because fleshjack wanted to have me try all the peoples buttholes so we’ll keep open on them and we don’t have to show you how to use one insects sound good look at this time

dude you can’t use fleshjack doggy okay Hey look at this we got we got mine so we’re good here so like I said fully discreet get that lube kids at how to glide and get it going

so if it’s open I’ll show you guys what it’s all about how it works and so on and so forth so it looks like a fleshlight I mean if you carry this around nobody is going to know what it is you’d be like freak

like that there won’t even know so let me tell you a little bit about it this one is nice and blue cap on the top covering the top and the front and then the cap on the back which if I take it off all the way you’ll see at the other side good way to clean it and a good way to tighten or loosen.

The sensitivity on it the strength fleshjack of it as well this is what it looks like it’s my official but one if you see closely you can see my initials right there on the flesh tag itself.

When you touch of the texture fleshjack it actually feels like I even softer and more squishier than a but in my personal opinion I like it and the smell is no there’s anything coded smells good it smells good so there’s no anytime what you want to do is when you first use it you want to get yourself warmed up before you use it

you don’t want to be soft while using it definitely be hard rich or Lube right into this little hole squirt it in there let it sit in there the Roman and you’re going to put it in and when it’s on your thing again this cap in the back you’re going to use with the hand your off hand and it’s going to loosen and tighten the grip.

So when you do you did it either feels better or worse depending on how big you are inside you off what makes you feel comfortable so that’s what it’s all about.

so this fleshjack is a very good product very affordable sometimes it’s on sale I think for like in the 40s unless design is like 60 but it is a great device and when you clean it make sure you take both caps off and just want to hot water spread it open for the hot water fleshjack.

through I do guys can see isn’t very tight I actually when you buy a brand new it comes with this keep some longevity kind of like a preservative you can see.

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